“I did not study too much, just read The Hindu newspaper word to word. I loved it. I also loved taking the Civil Services examination. I was never bogged down by the sheer work that everyone talks about. I read the newspaper, I wrote the exam “.

– Munish Sharma –
2nd Rank 2013 IAS Examination


If you ask anyone who understand upsc civil services exam which is the best newspaper for IAS/IPS CSE or which newspaper you should read for UPSC civil services exam you will get only one answer “THE HINDU ” or “Indian Express.

Why IAS Aspirants must read The HINDU or Indian Express ?

You should read the Hindu/Indian Express for IAS because The Hindu/Indian Express only eye on important news .Unlike other newspapers they don’t publish unwanted news like daily soaps news what punishment Big Boss will give to Contestants , who were the new wild card enteries,why this actor leaves the show, Dilwale or Bajirao Earnings,why Kapil Sharma did this or that 🙂 …etc

Is this going to come in civil services exam ? Absolutely not this kind of news only distract you from your real purpose.

There is a common complaint that we spend too much time on newspapers or we read the topic, still couldn’t write well in the exam on it. Many people complain of quantity versus quality tradeoff in the exam i.e. how to attmept maximum number of questions while maintaining good quality in answers.

This happens mostly because we are not able to structure our thoughts well in the exam and don’t recall our points quickly. And the main reason for this is unorganized way of studying.

Our mode of study should be structured and we should then make our notes in a way UPSC asks questions. Then our thought process would be structured, we will write good answers and recall maximum number of points in the exam.

UPSC asks ISSUES and NOT NEWS. So while reading newspapers, we should focus on issues and not news.

Wait ! Wait ! Wait !

It doesn’t mean you only read The hindu or Indian Express newspaper and underestimate other newspaper for UPSC CSE .You must read other newspapers for IAS but only selected area like International news, news on arts and culture ,heritage of India ,Opinions and article because it’s not possible for one newspaper to cover all important topics.

List of Best newspapers to read for upsc IAS civil services exam.
Below I listed some important newspapers which you must read to get good marks in General studies(GS-1,GS-2,GS-3,GS-4) in prelims and mains in civil services exam.

These newspapers are in English therefore it is helpful for the english mediums candidates .

We will give the list of newspaper in Hindi for IAS in our next post .

Read the given areas from the mentioned newspaper list

1. World

2. Editorial-Opinion/Article

3. Arts and culture related news

4. Science and technology

5. Economy

6. Govt Policies & Initiatives


Also follow DD NEWS + PIB & AIR NEWS.

Preparing notes related to current affairs for exam

Eg: Notebook 1 for administration/polity

NoteBook 2 for economy and economic development

NoteBook 3 for the geography of India and world

Tips on how to remember about events or topics

Remembering about topics is not so difficult you only need to highlight the important words that you have noted down. you may need to highlight the hard words that are not easy to remember so when that particular topic is asked in exam just by remembering that hard world you will easily remember that whole topic and can easily write the answer.

Final preparation for the exam.

Revising the highlighted topics or hard words(which are difficult to remember) 3-4 times before going for an exam is the must.

All the Best 🙂

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