The National Biotechnology Development Strategy-2015-2020 is the direct result of formal and informal consultations over the past two years with over 300 stakeholders including scientists, educators, policy makers, leaders of industry and civil society, voluntary and non-government organizations, regulators and international experts.


The consultations offered an opportunity to discuss and evaluate technological, societal and policy aspirations, critical success factors as well as barriers that will impede growth and put them in newer and broader perspective and action plan.

The envisaged mission is:

#Provide impetus to utilising the knowledge and tools to the advantage of Humanity

Launch a major well directed mission backed with significant investment for generation of new Biotech Products

Empower scientifically and technologically India’s incomparable Human Resource

Create a strong Infrastructure for R&D and Commercialisation 

Establish India as a world class Bio-manufacturing Hub

The Key elements of the Strategy are:

#Building a Skilled Workforce and Leadership

#Revitalizing the knowledge environment at par with the growing bioeconomy

Enhance Research opportunities in basic, disciplinary and inter-disciplinary sciences

Encourage use-inspired discovery research

Focus on biotechnology tools for inclusive development

Nurturing innovation, translational capacity and entrepreneurship

Ensuring a transparent, efficient and globally best Regulatory system and communication strategy

Biotechnology cooperation- Fostering global and national alliances

Strengthen Institutional Capacity with redesigned governance models

Create a matrix of measurement of processes as well as outcome

A roundtable discussion was held with key stakeholders to discuss the roadmap for 2020.

The key elements would be implemented in collaboration and partnership with Other Ministries, Departments, State Governments and international agencies towards achieving:

#Making India ready to meet the challenge of achieving US$100bn by 2025

Launching Four Major Missions – Healthcare, Food and Nutrition, Clean Energy and Education

Creating a Technology Development and Translation network across the country with global partnership-5 new clusters, 40 Biotech incubators, 150 TTOs, 20 Bioconnect centres

Strategic and focussed investment in building the Human Capital by creating a Life Sciences and Biotechnology Education Council.

Source : Department Of Biotechnology.