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Of late, the importance of ‘Indian Polity’ has increased tremendously in Preliminary and Main exams. It is expected that this trend will continue in future also. In 2015, 12 questions were asked, but on an average 10 to 15 questions can be expected in the coming years. The best part is that the questions from Indian Polity are more or less straightforward which can be easily answered with a careful study.

In polity or Indian Polity , there are chapters from which questions are frequently being asked. These are the Constitutional Developments,
Fundamental Rights and DPSP, Union Government, Judiciary, Amendments, Local Governments, Federalism and Election process. Till 2000 in Indian Polity , questions on comparative government were asked. But now a days in Indian Polity , amendments, elections, federalism and Parliament have assumed significance. In the recent years, questions on newly added topics like Rights Issues and Panchayati Raj Institutions are also being asked.

Most of the available books lack information on current constitutional developments of Indian Polity . So, a keen perusal of newspapers and magazines is essential with a good knowledge of provisions of the Constitution for Indian Polity . After all, chapter wise break-up is imperative which simplifies the problem and facilitates your understanding about Indian Polity.

Recommend Books :-

1. M.Laxmikant



2. D.D Basu.