​Now, that there are only 99-100 days remaining, I believe that, with proper guidance and plan of,you will have the strategic advantage to crack the examwith flying colours. In the next three months your only focus should be on preparing for prelims specifically. Give more importance to GS paper I .The next 99 days will be the most challenging days. Reading without practicing questions will be a pointless exercise. Solving more questions will not only act as revision but more importantly make your concepts clearer . It will drive with-in you a thought-process . Every time you solve a question, your mind gets habituated to the answering patterns. 

This will help you in elimination of the wrong answers , which is very important in Prelims and it also improves your chances of getting more answers right.

The standards of UPSC are such that you will know the answers for at most 50 questions, the remaining questions (if not all) can be answered through ‘elimination method’ .

This is what most people call an intelligent guess. Since from here on, how many more questions you are able to answer correctly matters the most, to qualify to the next level (Mains) of the examination. 

But then, the most important question for all is ‘how to make this intelligent guess’ ? This comes only through regular practice and conceptual understanding. Once your basic understanding is strong, chances of getting answers right will only increase. And it will also lay a strong foundation for your Mains examination.

All the best for Mains 2016 🙂

5 Mantras for Success in Mains Examination is 

  1. Revisions Basics don’t try to read everything ie. You can skip culture.
  2. Writing Practice even language paper.
  3. Analysis & Read from less sources.
  4. Evaluate Grammatical errors 
  5. Answer to the point.

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