​If you are looking at a mathematical figure of 0.1% or any X figure ,then it might look like the toughest exam under the sun.

Rather I would say ,your probability (whichever category you belong to ) depends on the following factors :

1. Right Vision

2. Right Action -Efforts along with right guidance


4.Right attitude

Numbers are for those ,whose dreams are small .So dont chase numbers ,let the numbers chase you.

But in other view it is one of the world’s toughest examinations. It is organized by the govt., which also means that the quotas will be in full swing.

So, in a nutshell, you have to work hard than other category candidate’s.

I’m not saying you can’t do it, I am just saying it’ll take a lot of effort. Believe in yourself, and you just might!

Recently it has been in the news that age limit is to be reduced to 26 years for general category candidates taking the IAS/UPSC exam,so surprises on the way for General Candidates. 

Backup Plans:-

That is a very depressing question that you have asked. Don’t have such a negative perception of the exam even before starting studying for it. But well, it is good to be realistic and to know about all the consequences of your actions right now, than regret it later in life.

So, lets assume that you have given four attempts and have not cleared the exam and want to quit preparing for it, and want to go on with your life.

One – Try for other governmental examinations – IFoS, IES, ACIO, CAPF, SSC and many more. They have the same syllabus as of Civil Services and are much easier to crack if you have four years of experience. Ideally, you should start preparing for them from your second attempt itself.

Two – Go back to your job/job profile. It will be very tough to explain the missing four years, but you can cook up some story and get a job. But, after dreaming about IAS for four years, it will be very tough to cope up with this job.

Three – Go for higher studies in your field – GATE, GRE, TOEFL – MS or MTech – Indian or Foreign. But, this is again preparation (Study time) to crack these exams.

Four – Change your field completely by doing an MBA – Crack CAT, GMAT etc. You will be changing your field from Engineering to Management.

Five – If you are good at teaching/explaining concepts, then join a Civil Services coaching institute. Loads of money if you teach in Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai for future IAS aspirants.

Six – Join a college as a Lecturer. Itll be fun teaching to undergrad students or school students.

Seven – Start a business – Any informal or formal business which will give you basic money.

Eight – Start scientific farming/agriculture if you have a piece of land. Use all your knowledge and get famous globally for your organic food. (I am starting to blabber from here, so Ill stop)

But, the amount of studies you have done for four years will help you a lot. It brings a totally new perspective towards life in whatever occupation you choose. So, dont lose heart or worry too much about preparation stage.

A man can do anything to fill his stomach. So, just dive in and enjoy the preparation stage and look how it evolves you into a much more mature person.

Anyways, I hope youll crack it in the first attempt itself, and please shed away all the negativity and start on a positive note.

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All the best! And Welcome to the Club.

If your General Category Aspirant these are current stats for you :-p

1)Your attempts are restricted to 6 and age of 32 whichever came early.

2)You have to pay that ₹100 fee(Not for girls and SC/ST).

3)Cutoff are higher by about 20/25 from NC-OBC and 45/50 from SC & ST folks.