As you all know JAMIA ISLAMIA conduct Pre Coaching Test every year to select 150 IAS Aspirants for Free residential coaching in new Delhi from SC/ST/Woman/Minority.

So in this article we will try to find pros. & cons. Of JMI Coaching.


1. Hostel accomodation was free.

2. Free limited internet.

3. Highly subsidised good quality food.

5. Reading room

6. College environment

7. Some sort of scholarship

8 . Competitive Environment as your surrounding will be very serious candidates who actually cleared entrance for these institute which is really a tough process and very effective in eliminating non-serious one.

9 . Motivational talk by those who are already in service . (IAS , IPS ).

10. Regular mocks and personality tests.

but at the same time…….
1. Distance from mukherjee nagar or karol bagh is big.

2. Room sharing ( 2 persons/room)

3. Sometimes people feel discrimination on certain basis. ( ie. Jamiate or Non Jamiate )

4. Sometimes they force to do their coaching classes even you dont want to.

5. They charged 6,000 for food and maintenance per month.

6. No guarantee of optional classes if less number of candidates opted the same.

7. 5-10 selection out of 150 so selection rate is also low.

Overall, it depends on your comfort level and financial capacity ,but I would say if you are serious about UPSC examination and financially weak and from ST/SC/Woman/Minority its not bad as it pretended.
Last date of application for 2017 batch is over yesterday,and ALL INDIA Test going to be held on 10 Sep 2016 for more information visit

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