​Vajiram & ravi can be considered one of the most popular IAS academies. The coaching center is located in Old rajinder nagar and very close to karol bagh metro station making it very easy for students to visit the center through public transport. One of the best feature of this academy is that they got a fully functional website which you can visit anytime and login with your username and password. Not only this, you can also view syllabus and test results through their website. Read about more IAS coaching centers in delhi and mukherjee nagar area.


1. Comprehensive material

2. 10-15 batches

3. Some teachers are very good

4. School like system


1. School like system, different subject everyday, weekly timetable

2. Very rigid administration

3. Too many students
Founded by P. Velayutham in 1978 this is one of the oldest civil service examination preparation center in india with its branch located in delhi only. For each subject there are minimum 2 teachers who will help you with your studies and total of 10 teachers are included in general studies section.

Fee structure

General studies- 1,14,000 INR , 36 weeks course.

Public administration – 42,500 INR, 15 weeks course.

Sociology – 42,500 INR, 15 weeks course.

CSAT – 17500 INR, 14 weeks course.

Vajiram and ravi academy offers online registration which costs RS 600, which can be paid through credit or debit card.( first cum first serve basis )

Official website : http://www.vajiramandravi.in

Public Opinion :

Vajiram dedicates more time teaching biology, other sciences, ancient and medieval history, some useless things in economy, things from Manorama and shit which are quite useless from prelims point of view. Sriram doesn’t waste much time on these useless things(except ancient and medieval history).

According to the reviews of experianced students, polity is taught equally well in Vajiram and Sriram but prefer Sriram over Vajiram. Economy is taught very well in Sriram, badly in Vajiram. Geography is taught well Vajiram but no questions come from their teaching. S&T is not taught well in Sriram but the notes they give for S&T more than makes up for any deficiencies which is not the case with Vajiram.

Vajiram is not keeping up with changing times. Sriram is a lot better in this regard. That is why Vajiram students regret a lot, after the giving prelims, after realizing the reality.

In Vajiram, notes is dictated instead of giving printed notes like in Sriram. This is because Vajiram is too lazy to update the printed material which renders it’s printed material useless. Sriram updates the printed notes regularly and distributes the notes in the class. This saves a lot of time in Sriram classes.

I have studied at Vajiram and Ravi, so can tell you only about that.

1. maximum students that come to Delhi try for Vajiram and Ravi, which means that there would be something worth studying. But, by December many realise that it is not.

2. Before you join any coaching just keep in mind that there are many things that coaching will never teach you. You cannot expect them to cover the entire syllabus in 9 months.

3. Vajiram is good in every subject but only if you are willing to work hard. You just cannot leave everything on the teachers to teach you.

4. You need to be ahead of them in the syllabus. The classes run till April so you cannot rely solely on them to study. E.g they might teach you a few important topics in April.

5. Teachers are good and have a thorough and deep knowledge about the subject they teach. You can even go and ask personal doubts after the class but many return back because either they don’t find the teacher or they see many students before them waiting in the line.

6. They teach you the basics. If you have already prepared something on your own, it would be better that you sit at home and study the rest of the things. Over the course of entire 9 months they will teach you only the basics and at times you will find the classes a waste of time.

7. As far as classes are concerned, there are 4 batches that run at a time. There is one big hall in the basement which has a TV in it. Seats are little uncomfortable and the hand rest is too small to properly keep your copy on.

8. When test series is talked about , Vajiram has the most difficult one. Most of the questions are from classroom notes but are way too difficult to be solved. Anyone scoring above 75 gets a decent rank in them.

As far as other coachings are concerned, every coaching teaches the same thing. They will not make you learn anything. If you are willing to learn, believe me you can do it better on your own. There are hundreds of online sources there days and studying has become way easier than it used to be in the past.

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