​How to Prepare for Reasoning Ability for IBPS PO 2016 in 30 days

This post will guide you on how to prepare for reasoning ability section for IBPS PO Prelims. We will also share some tips and tricks to solve Reasoning Section. But first, let us  understand the importance of this particular section and its topic wise weightage.

Reasoning Ability Section in IBPS PO Prelims 2016

There will be 35 Questions from Reasoning Questions in IBPS PO Prelims Examination 2016. Question wise break up is as follows:

Topic No of Questions

  1. Coding-Decoding  3
  2. Inequalities         5
  3. Syllogism             5
  4. Blood Relation    2
  5. Direction Sense   2
  6. Seating Arrangement5-10
  7. Puzzles           5-10
  8. Miscellaneous   5

Reasoning is considered as Strength by Maximum banking aspirants. If you are among them try to attempt 20-25 Questions as you have to manage the Overall Cut-off using this section. Total Time allotted for the paper is 60 min and 20 minutes can be consumed in reasoning section.
Thus, we can say that the reasoning section has equal importance along with the remaining subjects. Now, lets head to the section on how to prepare for reasoning ability in IBPS PO Prelims exam.
How to Prepare for Reasoning Ability for IBPS PO Prelims

  • If we analyze deeply a candidate will get 35-40 seconds to solve a Question. In case of Reasoning, it is possible only if you have practiced them well enough.
  • Don’t try to attempt all Questions, Just go through the Question and make a decision. A single Question that seems to be unsolvable within 1 min is of no use.
  • Try to attempt the Easy Questions first as they will be less time consuming. The classification of Questions as per the level of difficulty is as follows:

Easy  Questions 

These are easy to solve and less time consuming Questions. These Questions doesn’t need any special skill set, Just common sense and practice can help you in solving these Questions.
1.Classification/ Odd pair

2.Series Completion/ Analogy

3.Direction based tests/ 4.Direction Sense Test

5.Number, Ranking & Time Sequence Test

6.Alphabet test/ Dictionary

You can expect around 10-12 question from this category in IBPS PO Prelims 2016

Medium Difficulty Questions

These are basically Practice Dependent Questions and it can be overcome or made beneficial just by Practice. 15-17 Questions are expected from this category in IBPS PO Prelims 2016. There is no need to take extra risk. 
The medium difficulty level topics are:



3.Blood Relations


5.Data Sufficiency

High Difficulty Questions

These Questions appear in form of Sets/ Caselets. This type of Question will involve higher level of logic understanding and there will be 8-10 High Difficulty Questions in IBPS PO Prelims 2016. 

The High difficulty level topics are:
1.Seating Arrangement

2.Complex Puzzle

3.Floor Puzzle

4.Input Output Machine

Once you are able to sort out the priority topics from reasoning section, your task becomes easier. 

Following the above information, you should make out which topic needs your constant attention. Now, let’s have a look at some preparation tips and strategy on how to prepare for reasoning ability section.

Important Tips for Reasoning Ability Preparation
While you are preparing for the IBPS PO Prelims, here are a few important tips to keep in mind:

  • Start preparing topic by topic and then make yourself clear with Questions under Reasoning that is among your strength.
  • Practice topics with understanding each Reasoning concept one by one.
  • Solve previous year’s question papers to understand the pattern of questions which are asked in the exam.
  • Learn the basics by studying from reference books. Read and understand the basics behind each topic. This way you will be able to grasp the concepts which will help you in solving the questions easily.
  • Solve various mock tests and question banks available online from various sources.
  • Do not limit yourself to merely solving each question. Set a timer and then solve the questions within the time frame.
  • Most important of all, do not forget to revise the topics. Try to dedicate some time for revising what you’ve learned throughout the week.

We hope this article provides you with useful information regarding the preparation tips and strategy to tackle the reasoning ability section of IBPS PO Prelims 2016.

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