How can Increase my speed while solving complex problems 

Are you upgrading yourself ?

Yes. You heard it right. I closely follow bank exams like IBPS exams, SBI exams etc., and pretty sure, they increased the complexity of problems in both Aptitude and Reasoning. The point is, are you improving yourself in that line?

Let me ask you few questions…

(1) Do you follow ‘Quicker Maths’ book? Have you remembered various formulas and question specific techniques mentioned in it?e.g., work and time problems or Allegation-mixture problems?

(2) How do you find average of few numbers (as in DI questions)? Do you add the numbers in your steps?

(3) How do you solve divisions or percentages? e.g., 51/663 = ? Do you start by crossing numerator and denominator with common factor and proceed with division?

If answer to any of the above questions isYES, then you are going in the WRONG DIRECTION.

Our minds are generally tuned to do anything in a methodical fashion. We expect “one formula to solve all problems” kind of approach. Moreover, your mind will not be ready to “change” the traditional methods of doing calculations. This is the one of the basic problems.

Change your traditional way of doing calculations:

You learnt traditional multiplication and division from your school. 
Your mind doesn’t allow you to leave that method. 

If I say,
Do approximations, use percentage method to do divisions“, 
you would say, 

Why learn new method! I am very fast at doing calcuation in traditional method“. 

That is the problem my friend!This has to change. Aptitude tests how you can apply your brain and how based on change in problem statment, would your brain change. Change this mentality and learn fast techniques to do calculations leaving outdated methods.  

For example, 51/663=?.

10% of 663 = 66 which is greater than 51. So, go lesser.
5% of 663 = (half of 10%) = 33.1  which is lesser than 51.

How much additional percentage of 663 is needed to 33.1 to get 51?
2.5% of 663 = (half of 5%) = (33.1/2) = 16.
33.1+16 = 49. Almost reached. 
Until now, percentage is 5%+2.5% = 7.5%.
Now, 1% of 663 = 6.6
0.5% of 663 = 3.3. 
49+3.3 = 52.3 which is greater than 51.
0.25% of 663 = (half of 5%) = 3.3/2 ~ 1.6
49+1.6 = 50.6 Which is almost 51, but still little less.

So, total percentage is 7.5%+0.25% = 7.75%
The answer will be little bit more than 7.75. So now, if we remove the percentage factor, the answer will be 0.0775. (little bit greater)

Using calculator, value is 0.07692308.

See, With practice of above method, you can do many complex calculations very fast. But if keep thinking…

Naaaa.. it is very complex to learn. Let me continue with tradtional methods“, 
then you end up doing only few questions in main exam and start complaining 
Time is not sufficient. They gave complex calculations in the examination.” 🙂

Similarly, there are many other techniques for finding average of numbers etc., 
Unfortunately, even many bank exam training institutes don’t teach such methods. They just tell basic techniques from Quicker maths book like “Division by 5 technique” and “Multiplication of two numbers near to hundred,e.g., 95*99” and leave it there. 

The reason is, many students won’t understand the thought process involved in above mentioned calculation method. They would start agitating and say “The classes are not understandable“. So, tutors would just avoid the risk. 🙂

Take time and understand such techniques peacefully. Grasp them, sink them into your mind. Then practice using that techniques. It may be slow at the starting, but these are the ones that fetch you time advantage in the main examination.

Choose your material of study properly:
Next important point I would mention is.. Stop practicing formula based stone-aged problems on various topics like Work and distance, mixtures etc.,
IBPS and SBI have increased the difficulty in their papers a lot. From 2015, you even have prelims and main examinations seperately. Do you still think that practicing problems from Quicker maths, solving old bank exam problems before 2013 and such model papers help you crack the exam??

Absolutely NO. Purchase “Quantitive Aptitude for CAT by Arun Sharma
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Also, purchase the book by Same author on Reasoning.

Practice problems from that book. Understand the various techniques used in the book and practice rigorously.

Then, there is a chance that you could do the time management properly in your exam and crack the exam.

All the Best. 🙂

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