Hope you all done with your mock test number. 3 /JH-LP5 so here is answer keys .

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Due to some typing error Question No. 81 & 96 repeated in test 3 of JPSC PRE PAPER II Mock Test Paper,so it is request to please don’t consider Ques. 81 which is related to Industrial Area Development and cut it off, so the correct question is ….

81. Which of the following languages is sometimes written as modified version of the arabic script ?

(A) Sindhi

(B) Tamil

(C) Gujrati

 Ans is (A) and in case of Question no 96 if you consider Maujli Village correct and is ” Dumka ” and if you want to consider second one of Questions no. 96 Correct ans is maximum death due to lightning.

Sorry for your inconvenience.
​Check out this answer keys and tell us if you find any errors or have any doubts or need explanation of any questions.

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