The preliminary examination of BPSC – PCS will comprise of objective type questions. BPSC PCS Prelims will be qualifying in nature. The applicants will be given multiple choices for each questions. There will be total 150 question.

Syllabus for BPSC 60-62 Preliminary ExamA total of 150 questions is to be asked this year by BPSC. Distribution of Questions will be among the following topics: General Science National & International Current Affairs History of India & Bihar Indian National Movement and Bihar Current affairs etc. 
Take good care of yourself and have a proper sleep day before examination.

Don’t forget to revise important facts, figures, definitions, theories and concepts during last minute preparation. This will boost your confidence once you see questions related to these during examination.

But, incidentally if you spot some area that have not prepared well or forget to revise the latest developments as you didn’t had access to updated content , don’t panic. Even don’t waste time to search such material. If someone helps on that front, fine; otherwise be content with what all you have and use that for revision.

During practice, which topic or issues troubled you or solving questions where you committed errors? Prepare these topics again and be careful that you don’t repeat such mistakes during examination.

Common sense and presence of mind would improve your prospects in Preliminary Examination. You will be benefitted while working out the right options and also in eliminating the wrong ones.

Alertness is needed as sometimes aspirants commit blunders by marking wrong alternative on the answer-sheet.

Practice, have faith in your abilities and make yourself ready for Preliminary Examination.
The BPSC Civil services preliminary exam (BPSC PT) will be held on February 12, 2017. The marathon efforts that you have put in for the exam will bear fruit very soon. 

Here are 5 things that you must remember.

• Focus on what you have already prepared

The last minute itch of picking up things that you have not been able to master is a normal reaction. It is best to keep that itch away. It is what you have done till now that will get you through the exam.

• Don’t bother about pattern of question paper

Stop wondering about the pattern of the paper. The paper would only change marginally in real terms . This year it would be more or less the same. A few changes here and there could be expected. But the core is unlikely to change. The qualifying marks is unlikely to shift significantly. Keep the 100 – 105 target range to qualify for the BPSC main exam.

No wild guessing try to use logic ( no negative is there )

Don’t do wild guessing , but intelligent guessing is a must ,no matters negative marking is not,but attempt all questions . That is what MCQs are for. Some smart work will prop up your “diligent” work.

• Efficient time management

Do not get caught in the “traps”. Since you have to attempt all question because there is no negative marking , it is important to quickly move away from time consuming questions. It is impossible to maximize your scores unless you have read all the questions. Put your “mental time TRACKER” ON, while you take the exam. Every 15 minutes needs to be accounted for. Mark your OMR as and when you solve the question. Do not postpone this activity and attempt all questions.

• Don’t change your strategy in exam hall

Stick to what has worked for you. Stick to what you have been doing till now. Do not experiment in the exam. It could backfire and break your deal. I have seen many students going through this agony.

Now last but not the least ,what to do in remaining 3-4 days ? 

1. Revise lucent gk and your pre exam one liner notes as much as possible.

2.Revise Bihar Current Affairs + National

3. Revise BPSC PT Accredited Test Series MCQ’s of NDMIAS FOUNDATION ACADEMY.



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