Hello friends as you know EPFO ENFORCEMENT OFFICER EXAM 2016 was successfully conducted by UPSC on 26.02.2017

So here is most authentic answer keys with reference divided in 7 part series ,so here is part 1 of the series and topic is polity.
Total 7 questions out of 120 asked from polity.

1. Which one of the following statements regarding an overseas citizens of India ( OCI) is not correct.

(a) An OCI is a citizen of another country.

(b) An OCI possesses multiple – entry long- term visa for visiting India.

(c) An OCI is at par with NRIs in all matters.

(d) An OCI is not entitled to the fundamental right to equality of opportunity in public employment.

Answers is (a) click for reference

2. Which one of the following is not a feature of the Aadhar ( Targeted Delivery of Financial and other Subsidies ,Benefits and services) Act ,2016 ?

(a) Only citizens if India are entitled for the enrollment

(b) Both demographic and biometric information is to be submitted for enrollment

(c) The Unique Identification Authority of India is responsible for Enrollment and authentication under this act.

(d) It is the responsibility of the Unique Identification Authority to ensure the security of identity of individuals.

Correct ans is (a) reference

3. Forced labour or beggar is a violation of which of the following Articles of the Constitution of India ?

(a) Article 16

(b) Article 17

(c) Article 19

(d) Article 23

Correct answer is (d) reference

4. Which one of the following statements regarding the constituent Assembly of India is not correct ?

(a) The constituent Assembly was composed of members who had been elected indirectly by the members of the provincial legislative assembly.

(b) The constituent assembly held its first sitting on 9th December , 1946

(c) The seats in each province were distributed among the three main communities – Muslim ,Sikh and General, in proportion to their respective population.

(d) The method of selection in the case of representatives of Indian states was to be determined by the Governor – General of India.

The correct answer is (d) 

5. Which one of the following is not a constitutional body ?

(a) The Election Commission of India

(b) The Finance Commission

(c) The official Language Commission

(d) The National Commission for Women

Correct answer is (d) reference

6. The provision of worker’s participation in management of industries is provided under 

(a) Article 39 A 

(b) Article 43 A

(c) Article 42

(d) Article 43 B

Correct answer is (b) reference

7. Panchayts ( Extension to the scheduled areas ) Act,1996 permits self – governance of natural resources by 

(a) Gram Sabha

(b) Gram Panchayat

(c) the chairman of Gram panchayat

(d) forest dwellers of a village situated in the areas mentioned in the Fifth Schedule of the constitution of India.

Correct answer is (a) reference

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