Hello friends as you know EPFO ENFORCEMENT OFFICER EXAM 2016 was successfully conducted by UPSC on 26.02.2017

So here is most authentic answer keys with reference divided in 7 part series ,so here is part 2 of the series and topic is computer awareness.

( 5 questions out of 120 came from computers awareness )

1. CD- ROM is a

(a) Secondary memory

(b) Magnetic memory

(c) Memory register

(d) Semiconductor memory

Correct ans is (a) – Reference
2. WAP Stands for –

(a) Wireless Addition Protocol

(b) Wireless automation Protocol

(c) Wireless Adaption Protocol

(d) Wireless Application Protocol

Correct ans is (d) – reference 
3. Bluetooth technology allows –

(a) Sending of files within the range of 10 km

(b) Sending an e – mail

(c) wireless connection between various devices/equipment over short distances

(d) downloading of movies from internet

Correct ans is (c) – reference
4. Which one among the following is not a basic functions of a computer –

(a) Accept and process data

(b) Store data

(c) Scan text

(d) Accept input

Correct ans is (c) reference
5. Which one of the following is hardware

(a) Power point

(b) Control unit

(c) Printer Driver

(d) Operating System

Correct ans is (b) – reference
[ Next part is labour law & accounting principles ]

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