​How did you prepare Geology optional?

Geology is good optional for IFoS and other Forest Services Exam . Despite having masters in Geology, believe me I can’t even tell you more than 5 metamorphic rocks. 

However, I had the sufficient study material from my college time i.e various ppt’s, slides prepared by our course coordinators and also knew from where to study certain specific topics.

Students preparing for geology can use this google drive link and search for specific slides


Geology Courses start from 2nd year. However, some courses can be found in folders of 1st year too.

Other important links are

1) Petrology: http://www.tulane.edu/~sanelson/eens212/

2) Mineralogy: http://www.tulane.edu/~sanelson/eens211/

3) Ore Geology: http://www.geol-amu.org/notes/index.htm

4) Geochemistry: http://www.csus.edu/indiv/s/slaymaker/Archives/geochemistry.htm

5) Palaeontology: http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/fosrec/ONeill.html and http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/fosrec/Culver.html

I tried to use the gap of 8 days between GS and Geology. In October, I read mineralogy and ore geology as they are too wide. Further, my civil’s optional is Geography so that helped a lot in physical geology part.
 Avinash Kumar has secured rank 46 in the Indian Forest Service Examination 2015.