Hello guys as you know ISRO has notified 300+ Assistant recruitment so here is the inputs Shared by ‘ Ankita Acharya | ISRO Assistant Exclusively with NDMIAS .

ISRO is one of the most prestigious organisations of India that has time and again contributed in placing the nation among the top countries in space technology. Being a part of this prestigious organisation is definitely a thing of pride and honour. I have been associated with ISRO for more than a year now, in the capacity of an assistant. ISRO is not like the typical “sarkaari offices” as we say. Infact it is more like an institution where academics is encouraged. A lot of people might wonder, what do normal graduates ( those without a technical academic background) do in ISRO? Well, to begin with the organisation has two main divisions- technical and administrative. People /Candidates holding  a non technical degree are recruited for the latter( thee subject pf our discussion). Administration is further divided into different sections like General Admin, Accounts, Purchase, Stores, Language section, Canteen, Transport and so on. Candidates who qualify the exam of are posted to these sections and help in the to day functioning of the office. It is also said that administration is the helping hand of the technical wing. The work load off each section is different. It also depends on the centre you are posted to. Big centres like ISAC, VSSC, LPSC, SHAR , SAC ( you can checkout the details of these centres from isro website) have a large manpower. Consequently, the work for administration wing becomes more challenging . However, it would not be fair to say that small centres go easy on work. They too have to do the same things, just on a smaller scale. 

Coming to the type of work that is allotted to each section, I cannot delve into the details because it is extremely vast. An overview of the work can be summarised as below:-
1. General Admin- Employees welfare work.
2. Accounts- Salary related stuff and other dealings.
3. Purchase/ Stores- Deals with purchase of office equipment from satellite parts to pencils.
Besides this, the work pressure increases during launch activity. Some people might have to work in shifts too. Having said that, I would like to mention that your extra working hours are compensated too ( the manner and procedure pf which depends on your centre). 
There are a number of pros. Associated with ISRO like quarters, office transportation  (the best service that I have witnessed till date) , medical benefits for the employee and family.  The seniors too are very encouraging and if lucky you might find time to prepare for UPSC ( considering the fact that you have both sat. And sun. Weekoffs). Unlike other govt. Organisations, ISRO organises inter centre sports meet every year for indoor and outdoor events . It gives importance to leisure of employees too, thus giving you a chance to live your college life once again:)

All in all, working at ISRO can be one of the best experiences of your life. For those people who want a peaceful life and are dedicated to work for it, ISRO is definitely the place.

I believe that the details would suffice and in case you have any doubts, you are welcome to ask the same. Also, an acknowledgment for the same would be expected. 

Ankita Acharya | Assistant ISRO

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